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Financial support

Some travel related to this educational resource has been supported in part by award U54CA143803 from the US National Cancer Institute. The content on this website is solely the responsibility of named authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the US National Cancer Institute or the US National Institutes of Health.

Call for participants

We are considering running pilot workshops in 2015 to disseminate this teaching resource in the Physical Sciences-Oncology Network. If you are (a) a biological scientist or (b) a patient advocate in the network and would like to be updated as schedule/location and applications become available, please contact David Liao.


We are grateful for the following help in spreading the word about this course:


A mathematical way to think about biology was inspired by participation in the National Cancer Institute's Physical Sciences-Oncology Network, which has been coordinated with the assistance of Larry A. Nagahara, Jerry S.-H. Lee, Jonathan Franca-Koh, Nastaran Z. Kuhn, and Nicole M. Moore. The following people are thanked for the motivation they have provided by doing and communicating science.

Prof. Robert H. Austin
Prof. Juan E. Keymer
Prof. James C. Sturm

Guillaume Lambert
Kristelle Bougot-Robin
Quicen Zhang
Amy Wu
Sally J. Waltman

Prof. Thea D. Tlsty
Luis Estévez-Salmerón
Steve Oh
Prof. Beverly M. Emerson
Fernando Lopez-Diaz

Philippe Gascard
Chira Chen

Prof. Franziska Michor
Prof. Kevin Z. Leder
Prof. Jasmine Y. Foo

Colleen A. Fordyce
Kelley Patten
RosaAnna DeFilippis
Deng Pan

Melissa Aranzamendez

Prof. Barton S. Kamen (dec.)

Prof. Hana El-Samad
Prof. Chao Tang

Brian Munsky

Prof. Timothy J. Newman

Creative Commons License © Copyright 2011-2015 David Liao. These videos and slides are open course ware made available under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0). The lightbox and social sharing effects are scripts by Stéphane Caron (CC BY 2.5).