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Data DVD+Rs are distributed on a limited basis to help you share the video tutorials when internet connectivity is not possible. Please contact David to see whether DVDs are available.

You can use the following list of version numbers to determine differences between DVDs. Revision numbers containing the Greek letter α are rough. These versions need additional edits for accuracy, clarity, and completeness. The active version history below indicates that the video course is a continuing work, often updated during summers.

Please note that these discs contain MP4 files (video codec: H.264, audio codec: AAC). The format of these discs does not conform to DVD Video or Blu-Ray Disc standards. The videos should play on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. However, please refer to instruction manuals to determine compatibility with set-top consoles.

Revision 2015-0716α

Total run time: 15h05m13s(1.68 GO)
Average run time: 7m18s per video

Revision 2015-0128α

Total run time: 15h05m49s(1.68 GO)
Average run time: 7m18s per video
Revisions made from the beginning of October (previous revisions October 6) into late January:

Revision 2014-0929α

Total run time: 14h27m40s(1.56 GO)
Average run time: 7m14s per video
Revisions made during the end of August and into the end of September (since the 2014-0728 update) are listed:

Revision 2014-0728α

Total run time: 13h17m52s(1.48 GO)
Average run time: 8m04s per video
Recent edits were integrated into the DVD folder, which was last updated 2013-1228, in the following order:

Revision 2013-1228α

Total run time: 12h39m49s (1.42 GO)

Revision 2013-0914α

Total run time: 12h45m20s (1.42 GO)

Revision 2013-0801α

Total run time: 12h42m47s

Revision 2013-0715α

Total run time: 12h16m33s

Revision 2013-0523α

Total run time: 11h46m14s

Revision 2013-0327α

Total run time: 11h28m04s

Revision 2013-0201α1

Total run time: 11h04m45s
Added PDF of MatLab exercise to accompany video 37 Uncer d Curve fit.mp4

Revision 2013-0201α

Total run time: 11h04m45s
First disc version
Creative Commons License © Copyright 2011-2015 David Liao. These videos and slides are open course ware made available under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0). The lightbox and social sharing effects are scripts by Stéphane Caron (CC BY 2.5).